Shoulder Injury

? Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

It is the ring formed by the top ribs below the collarbone, which occurs when nerves or blood vessels are compressed by the rib, collarbone or neck muscles at the top of that outlet. There is an array of TOS, such as Neurogenic, Venous, Arterial, and Vascular Thoracic, yet the most prominent is Neurogenic TOS.

• Pins and needles in fingers
• Rare atrophy
• Worsening arm pain, especially in the case of inclined arms.
• Swelling and discolouration on arms, hands and fingers.
• Abnormal muscle formation.
• Congenital abnormality such as a cervical rib.
• Acupuncture & Dry Needling

• Strengthen and Stretch exercises for shoulder muscles.
• Motion exercise
• Rehab and Posture Regain the exercise
• Soft Tissue massage
• Nerve Gliding exercises

Besides the treatments, Restore Wellnesslife recommends lifestyle shift modifications and ergonomicinvestments. Daily shifts should include changing the sleeping position, using a lumbar roll for posture support while sitting, and furnishing your workplace with a lumbar-supporting foot-resting chair.In addition, we suggest imbibing physical therapies with a curative regime to accelerate your treatment.

? Rotator Cuff Injury / Impingement Syndrome/ Frozen shoulders/ Shoulder bursitis/ Shoulder Arthroplasty Rehab

Rotator cuff injuries and other shoulder painsdirectly result from physical strains such as playing sports, manual labour or even the simplest but repetitive movements such as brushing or oiling the hair. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body,calling for a tremendous range of motion. We have heard stories emphasizing surgeries as the final approach to pain relief. While this can be true in the severest cases, physical therapy has proven to treat shoulder pain.

• Worsened night ache
• Perpetual dull ache
• Loss of strength, mobility and flexibility
• Disturbed sleep
• Swelling

? Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

• Joint Mobilization exercises
• Shockwave
• Manual therapy
• Acupuncture & Dry Needling
• Ultrasound heat therapy
• Rotation & Strengthening exercises

? Remember, one phone call can save you from pain!

The therapy and rehabilitative exercises our team provided will help improve the condition and strengthen shoulder muscle and Range of motion, all while without aggravating the condition. In addition, we practice a hands-on approach toyour recovery. Moreover, making you fit and better is our goal, and nothing stops us from reaching it!



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