Image of a physiotherapist assessing ankle pain in a patient. The patient is likely seated, with the physiotherapist examining the ankle joint and surrounding areas. The physiotherapist is using their hands to assess the extent of the injury or pain. A physiotherapy clinic setting, including medical equipment and treatment tables, is visible in the background.

Can Custom Orthotics Relieve Ankle Pain?

Does your ankle lean inward or outward? A simple answer to your pain or discomfort may be a customized shoe insert. Surprised? Read the blog below to know everything about Orthotics!

Many people ask if custom orthotics will relieve their ankle pain. There are several ankle conditions that can be treated by custom-made foot orthotics and physiotherapy. Ankle pain is one of the many common complaints of patients who require custom foot orthotics. These may include ankle pain due to instability, ankle pain due to ankle arthritis, and ankle pain due to ankle tendonitis.

Restore Life Waterloo Clinic takes pride in treating and alleviating patients’ ankle pain by prescribing and delivering the best-needed support for your ankle and foot. Our expert podiatrists are highly experienced in identifying the root cause of the problem and providing the right-fitting solution to all our patients in Waterloo.

If the bones in your foot are misaligned because of any reasons like injury or condition, you are likely to experience recurring foot injuries, sudden falls, improper balance, leg, ankle, or lower back pain at some point in your life. Therefore, Restore Life Physiotherapy Waterloo & Wellness Clinic Waterloo is happy to help you from the start to get you moving with better support. Contact us today!

What Is Ankle Pain?

Just as our foot, the ankle is also a complex system and structure of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Ankles and heels are part of our foot that takes on most of our body weight. However, when any type of accident occurs like an accident, injury, or overuse, it becomes vulnerable and can cause or trigger ankle pain.

What Causes Ankle Pain?

Most ankle pains are originated with some type of injury like roll over, twist or turn which then results in an ankle sprain, strain, or fractures. Ankle pain can also be caused due to conditions like arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Obese people are prone to generate knee, leg, and/ or ankle pain because of the increased body weight. Some jobs require people to stand, run and walk for long hours of shifts which can also be factored in as causes of ankle pain. Our team of physiotherapists will perform a thorough assessment and examination with the latest technologies to understand the root cause of the ankle pain and provide you with custom orthotics and physiotherapy treatment plans.

How Can You Alleviate Ankle Pain?

We, at Restore Life, love the community around us in the Waterloo area and we are proud to have reduced and treated ankle pain for many of our patients. Using custom-made foot orthotics and physiotherapy treatments can help you relieve ankle pain.

Custom orthotics will not only improve the support and cushion of your ankle and foot but will also prevent any future injuries to happen due to ankle conditions. To learn more about how Restore Life Waterloo can help you with your ankle and custom orthotics needs, read more here.

Maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy, regular exercise, and staying in shape are also some of the lifestyle changes that can lead to reduced ankle pain. If you are an athlete and you have ankle pain, it is strongly recommended that you warm up and stretch before undertaking any extreme running or exercising activities.  

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, diabetic foot, any type of foot irregularities, or any type of foot joint pain, call Restore Life today. We offer custom orthotics that work. Call us today for custom-made foot orthotics, compression socks, or stockings!


1. Can my orthotics be repaired or get a service upgrade?         

Of course, yes! Unless it is already broken or has encountered a major accident, your custom-made foot orthotics can be serviced and maintained for a long and durable life to support your foot with proper balance and posture. We, at Restore Life Physiotherapy Waterloo Waterloo, believe in repairing, refurbishing, and reviving your custom-made orthotics instead of outright replacing them.

2. When to get my orthotics checked?

As we have previously mentioned, Restore Life Physiotherapy Waterloo Waterloo always believes in refurbishing and repairing your orthotics, therefore, it is always recommended that you get your orthotics checked at least once per year. You may not notice anything unusual or wrong with your orthotics, but your podiatrist may. We are proud to always ensure that you’re getting absolute performance through the custom-made orthotics.

3. Can children wear custom orthotics? 

Until about the age of six, children usually don’t need orthotics. Keep an eye on their gait and study their foot alignment and arch to see if there are any abnormalities. If you do happen to see asymmetrical wear patterns or instability in standing, then it’s time to check with a podiatrist. Contact Restore Life Physiotherapy Waterloo Waterloo to learn more about how you can help your child from an early age to avoid any major foot, ankle, or knee issues.

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